ATT workers file a public complaint for several abuses made by Evo’s Party during his Government period

Here is a copy of the original file that contains the public complaint: [click here to view original in PDF format]


As public servants of the Telecommunications and Transportation Regulation and Control Authority – ATT and above all as Bolivian citizens, we seek a free and democratic country, so we denounce the following to society and public opinion:
The public servants of the ATT, were subordinated to instructions issued by the Ministry of Public Works Services and Housing – MOPSV to carry out political activities, outside our functions, which were communicated and managed by the Head of Human Resources in charge of Diego Claure Mosqueira under the Financial Administrative Directorate in charge of Sandra Landaeta Calle and by the General Counsel in charge of Karen Peredo Orellana. Each of the political activities to which we were obliged to attend had the common denominator of having special envoys obliged to control and identify which officials attended and who did not, to subsequently send the attendance lists to the MOPSV, which meant a way of intimidation in case of not attending mentioned activities, since the lack of support for the change process would generate dismissals, thus affecting the staff since people have the need to work and support a family.
The activities and / or contributions that we were forced to perform are:
o Affiliation required in lists or notebooks, to the Movement to Socialism (MAS), (situation that was denounced at the time through the press) made directly by the General Counsel.
o Compulsory assistance to the city of Cochabamba, on December 16, 2017, when the Plurinational Constitutional Court authorized the illegal candidacy of Evo Morales and Alvaro García Linera, for the electoral elections of October 2019, whose transportation and stay expenses ran on behalf of each official.
o Monthly economic contributions for campaigns of the Movement to Socialism (MAS), proportional to the salary of each official, which were tripled in the last three months prior to the general elections; however, after the electoral elections, the obligation to contribute to support the marchers of the provinces continued as a matter of urgency, even worse, on Friday, November 8, 2019 we received the instruction to pay 3% of the salary, and must pay until the At the end of that day, money that we now assume was to cover expenses that cause disturbances or repressions to our population in the City of La Paz or simply were not delivered and still remain in the custody of some public servant of the ATT.
o Attend marches and electoral campaigns in favor of the MAS to different places, El Alto, Costanera Avenue, squares, Apaña, and others, where our assistance was controlled by means of cards, photographs or biometric markers including Saturdays and Sundays.
o Compulsory and controlled assistance to the proclamation at the Chimoré airport on May 18, 2019, whose transportation and stay was self-employed, including, days of our vacations to justify the absence to work.
o Once again, the compulsory and controlled assistance to Santa Cruz on August 2, 2019 for the proclamation of the MAS, whose transportation and stay ran on its own, including days of our vacations to justify the absence to work.
o After the elections, and once the claims begin by the population regarding the results of the elections, we know that it was convened in a manner
confidential to a small group of public servants in order to counteract the
blockade, meaning a form of intimidation to our population.
o When the conflicts increased, they summoned men to make vigil to the Murillo square, with all the risk that it meant, since at certain times the groups of
shock were prepared to repress the population.

Likewise, it is necessary to denounce, that we have suffered constant harassment and pressure from the staff of the institution politically involved with the leadership of the Movement to Socialism such as Sandra Arancibia and Ana Maria Portugal Quiroga (General Secretary of the Executive Director) and wife of the MAE of EGPP, who also benefited his son with a scholarship with the Bolivian Space Agency, who from his position of power, intimidated, intimidated, discriminated against people of different skin color or their origins and even reviewed our social networks and our families in order to find excuses for our withdrawal from the Institution.
For all the aforementioned, and having been silent witnesses of the infamous actions of the MAS government, which ignored the CPE and has been able to harm innocent people in order to remain in power. For having silenced the abuses committed by the Socialism Movement regime for so long:
It is our duty as Bolivians to denounce and communicate the truth of the facts, the population has the right to know them and will be the only way not to repeat this story.
We also express our willingness to witness what happened and help clarify above all the truth.
We also urge all public officials of the ATT and the rest of the entities, to lose their fear, to leave indifference and denounce the injustices committed, for the first time in almost 14 years with the hope that those guilty of both will be prosecuted. abuse of power.


La Paz, November 17th, 2019

The end